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Lagerfeld K. Helmut Newton

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Texas Gothic

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The Golden City

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Girl In Dior

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Affordable Couture

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Where I'm Calling from

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100 Selected Stories

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100 Selected Stories

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Four: A Divergent Collection

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Haute Leatherette 12 Watch Box


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Love of the Game

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Love of the Game

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Run to You

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Very Good, Jeeves

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Morning, Noon & Night

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The Vagrant Mood

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The Best Short Stories

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Four: A Divergent Collection

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Helmut Newton (1920-2004) was born in Berlin. He lived and worked all over the world and was one of the most internationally famous and controversial photographers of his time. His shots of haute couture and the beau monde are instantly recognizable, having appeared in virtually every major magazine in Europe and the United States. From his early work for "Vogue" to his portraits of the rich and famous, Newton conveyed a unique vision of a wealthy and glamorous world that often shocks but never ceases to fascinate. 64 duotone illustrations.