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HAWKWIND LevitationThe Original AlbumOriginally released as Bronze Records BRON 530 In November 1980Disc One01. Levitation02. Motor Way City03. Psychosis 04. World Of Tiers 05. Prelude 06. Who's Gonna Win the War 07. Space Chase 08. The 5th Second of Forever (From the film) 09. Dust of TimeBonus TracksHAWKLORDS ROCKFIELD SESSIONS 197910. Valium 10Full version 11. Time Of12. Who's Gonna Win the War Hawklords version 13. Douglas in the Jungle 14. British Tribal Music HAWKWIND15. Nuclear Toy 16. Who's Gonna Win the WarSingle version17. Brainstorm (Live 1980) Previously unreleasedHAWKWINDLive At Lewisham Odeon 18th December 1980Disc Two01. Technicians of Spaceship Earth / Levitation 02. Motor Way City03. Death Trap 04. Angels of Death 05. The 5th Second of Forever / Dust of Time Disc Three01. Running Through My Back Brain (Messages) 02. Dangerous Vision 03. Who's Gonna Win the War 04. PSI Power 05. Shot Down in the Night06. World of Tiers07. Space Chase